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The Fresh Campus Campaign is a college advocacy campaign sponsored by the Louisiana Tobacco-Free College Initiative. The objective of the Fresh Campus Campaign is to make Louisiana college campuses 100% tobacco-free. The Fresh Campus Campaign is led by students in 10 colleges and universities in Louisiana, students who are standing up to make a difference where they learn, work, and live.


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  • Secondhand Smoke Leads to Childhood Obesity

    Posted on 12/08/14 in the category: Tobacco Topics


    “For people who are in a home with a smoker, particularly children, the increased risk of cardiovascular or metabolic problems is massive,” – Benjamin Bikman, professor of physiology and developmental biology at Brigham Young University.

    A new study has revealed that children who are exposed to either secondhand smoke and/or air pollution have a much higher likelihood of being obese. The study conducted by Brigham Young University found virtually no difference in effects of secondhand smoke or air pollution as it related to kids’ health. That is to say that they do the same amount of damage and if you smoke around your kids, you might as well be exposing them to a smog-covered city. Of course, if a child is exposed to both, their odds are being obese are that much worse.

    Respiratory issues have ling been a known and accepted consequence of secondhand smoke exposure but it hasn’t been until recently that scientists have found proof showing the connection between smoke inhalation and metabolic issues. The same study also suggests that secondhand smoke could be a contributing factor the premature onset of type 2 diabetes in children.

    33 Schools and Growing…

    Posted on 11/19/14 in the category: Tobacco Topics


    ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) has reported that 33 colleges/universities are now fully free from tobacco money and the list continues to grow. To make the list, your school must be 100% free from getting any money whatsoever from tobacco. That means zero sales and, more importantly, zero money from events promoted by big tobacco.

    In 2010, 24.8% of college students categorized themselves as “current smokers.” The number is alarming considering that the national adult average is just 18.1%. Big tobacco seems to have infiltrated schools around the nation, preying on highly social but highly stressed students. Luckily ASH is doing good work in reducing those numbers and pushing big tobacco out of an increasing number of schools.

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